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OVP-L1X video controller

Integrated one sending card with 2 gigabit ports,which support remote maintenance of LED display. Support display by U flash, especially used for showing and exhibition.

Maximum support 1.31 million pixels,width≤3840 pixels,height≤2500 pixels;

Input interface:HDMI*2,DVI*1,VGA*1,CV*1,HDMI and DVI  support 4Kx2K@30Hz;

Local USB2.0 port,support image display ,video display ,image and video mixed display mode;

1U case ,weight≤3.5KG;The bending angle of both sides of the front panel supports 90 ° rotate to meet the vertical installation of the screen.


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OVP series products adopt the design of integrating sending card, which not only improves the reliability, but also brings great convenience for remote maintenance of LED display;
Support timing switch of input video source;
Support turning on/off of equipment output signal;
Support customized  resolution;
Support point-to-point input and output;
Support the capture and partial display of the input video source image;
Support input adaptive signal source resolution;
Support output adaptive display parameter configuration;
Support fast and flexible color temperature adjustment;
Support input and output signal hot backup;
Restore 8/16 kinds of user modes for fast using;
Support on-line update of firmware and FPGA, which greatly facilitates system development, maintenance and function upgrading.


OVP-L/M series, on board USB2.0 port,Support display by U flash, support image display ,video display ,image and video mixed display modes;
OVP-M/H series, on board  WiFi (except OVP-M1X), 2.8 "LCD as standard, and supports multi language menu interface (Chinese, English, Russian, Vietnamese);
OVP-M/H series support EXT * 1 expansion interface (except OVP-M1X). SDI module or wireless screen cast are optional;
OVP-H series support 1-2 channels DP input interface and RS232 central control interface;
OVP series, on board audio input and output interface.

Testing and Certification
OVP series products have passed 3C certification;
OVP series products have passed  CE certification;
OVP series products have passed the six regulations of ROHS 2.0 "administrative measures for the restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products" and GB / T 26572-2011;
OVP series products have passed the EU ROHS "directive on the restriction of the use of certain harmful ingredients in electronic and electrical equipment".

Video Input source
DVI*1 VESA standard: 1920*1080@60Hz downward compatible, support 3840*2160@30Hz
HDMI*2 VESA standard: 1920*1080@60Hz downward compatible, HDMI 1.4
VGA*1 VESA standard,UXGA@60Hz downward compatible
CV*1 Support PAL \ NTSC  compound video
USB*1 USB2.0,support 1080p@30fps or 720p@60fps content by U flash.
Support video display, image display, video and image mixed display modes.


Video Output Port

2 Gigabit Ethernet port output, connect LED display by LAN cable, directly connect with receiving card 

total pixels:≤1.31 million pixels, width≤3840, height≤2500,


 Audio Input/Output Port
HDMI audio Built in HDMI audio input port
AUDIO_IN 3.5mm simulate audio input port
AUDIO_OUT 3.5mm simulate audio output port


Control interface
COM USB control interface


Important function
Communication function Support serial communication, complete related parameter setting and function configuration of OVP equipment, complete parameter setting of LED display
Schedule Task Support timing switch of input video source
Intelligent configuration Support equipment parameter adaptation according to the resolution of LED display screen
Image capture function Support the capture and partial display of input video source image
Point to point function

Support on and off of point-to-point signal output mode

Brightness adjustment Support 100 level brightness adjustment
U flash display Support image display ,video display ,image and video mixed display modes
EDID setting Support customized input resolution of  HDMI, DVI signal
VGA Correction Support VGA adjustment and VGA ADC correction
CV Corretion Support CV ADC correction
Output control Support open&close of output signal
Color temperature adjustment Preset natural, warm, cold three kinds of display effect, user can also customize the color temperature
User mode Support pre storage ≤ 8 user modes, convenient for scene switching
Hot backup Support hot backup function of input and output image
Facotry reset Support reset to  factory settings
Engineering lock Support setting engineering lock


System update and maintenance
Firmware update Support update firmware and FPGA online


Input voltage 100-240V~50/60Hz
Maximum power ≤35W

Panel buttons, LedshowTV, OVP Builder

Accessory 3Pin power cable 1.5M * 1, USB-A-B cable 1.5M * 1, HDMI2.0 cable 1.5M * 1, DVI-HDMI adapter * 1
Size 482.6mm×230mm×44mm
Box 1U standard box
Weight(excluding package) ≤3.5Kg


Environmental adaption
Working temperature -30℃~70℃
Ambient humidity 15%~85%


Electromagnetism compatibility
Wireless harass Testing for power supply port, HDMI,DVI,VGA,CV ,USB and serial port, all reach the standard
Immunity of discharging static electricity

Testing for USB port,HDMI,DVI,VGA, and CV port, Level 4,  discharging 8KV. Reach the standard

Surge impact Testing for power supply port, Level 4, discharging voltage is 4KV. Reach the standard
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OVP Builder


OVP Builder


OVP-M2DA firmware


OVP-L1X Specification


OVP-L1X User Manual


OVP-M2D specification


OVP-M2D user manual


Firmware for OVP-M2D


Firmware for OVP-L1X


OVP-H4XL specification



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