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OVP-H1 Video Processor

Adopts 4K image processing and proprietary splicing processing technology for small-spacing LED display screen, which ensures the uniformity and synchronization of splicing , realize point-to-point input and output for the large-size LED screen with ultr

Support  8.85 million pixels resolution, the horizontal maximum 16,000 pixels, vertical maximum 3840 pixels.

Support 2/3/4 window display and arbitrary layout, easy to  centralized contro stage main screen and side screen.

"Intelligent navigation" setting which is convenient and quick to setup.

1.5U case ,2.8”LCD(320×240)


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Maximum resolution is 8.8 million pixels, the horizontal maximum 16,000 pixels, vertical maximum 3840 pixels;
Fast  seamless switching between all input signal sources and output modes;
With 7 channels of ultra high definition (UHD) digital and analog input interface;
Support dual/three/four windows display and arbitrary layout, easy to centralized control the stage main screen and side screen;
Dedicated DVI monitoring output interface, support multi-window output monitoring;
Support 6 channels digital input port DVI\HDMI\DP custom input resolution settings;
Support multi-windows input signal source hot backup;
8 user modes can be pre-stored, and 4 system fixed output modes can be quickly invoked by users.
With fast switching mode, the pre-monitoring window can be instantly and seamlessly switched to the large LED screen;
 "Intelligent navigation" setting function which is convenient for users to set up quickly;
Supports three splicing modes: horizontal splicing, vertical splicing and cross splicing.
Support  global edit for image and text overlay.
The device can be controlled by panel keys, LAN, USB and WIFI (optional).

Image Input 
Port Quantity Resolution
HDMI1.4 2 19Pin HDMI  VESA
DVI 2 24+1 DVI-D  VESA
DP1.2 2 20Pin DP    VESA: Compatible 4K@60Hz  to  down
VGA 1 5Pin D_Sub VESA: Compatible UXGA@75Hz  to down


Image output 
Port Quantity Resolution
DVI (connect with sending card) 4 Cross splicing: 8000(horizontal),3840(vertical)
Vertical splicing: 4000(horizontal),3840(vertical)
Horizontal splicing: 16000(horizontal),2000(vertical)

Note: 1, Horizontal(width)*Vertical(height) cannot be more than 8,850,000 pixels
          2, Support 6 channels of  4K*2K@60Hz,support  custom resolution.

DVI (local monitor) 1 1024×768@60Hz(default) or 1920×1080@60Hz


Audio output  
Port Quantity Output channel Model standard
RCA 1 HDMI&DP Simulate frequency


Input voltage 100-240V~50/60Hz
Power ≤70W
Working temperature -10-45℃
Environmental humidity 15-85%
Control method 1, Hardware buttons and LCD screen
2, PC software and remotely control by Ethernet (RJ45)
3, PC software and remotely control by USB port
4, PC software and remotely control by WIFI (not standard configuration)
Size 470mm(length)×300mm(width)×66mm(height)
Weight (excluding package) 5KG
File Name Explain Download times Download
Firmware for OVP-H1


OVP_H1 specification


OVP_H1 user manual


OVP-H4LX Specification


Firmware for OVP-H2XL


Firmware for OVP-H4XL


OVP-H2XL Specifications


Firmware for OVP-M4D



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