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BX-5A2&G is highly interate, high signal sensitivity, fast data transmission speed, easy installation and maintenance. The product has been widely used in the market because of convenient operation, stability and reliability.

Outside GSM antanne ;

Flexible control size ,rich display functions;


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BX-5 series perfectly definition the LED dual color controllers
Full range of product series ,meet with all kinds of requirements to single and dual color LED screens


⑴ Strong software function,easy to use
⑵High brightness ,big control size ,fast communication speed
⑶ High freshment,stable and smoothly moving;
⑷ Multi area linkage precise algorithm
⑸Support update firmware online
⑹ All BX-5 series support temperature/temp&humidity sensor ,support IR /button select program.BX-5E support noise sensor
⑺ Support area border ,animition text ,colorful background ,IR control ,zone frame, text animation, , breakpoint relay, super large control size, full color grayscale, wireless  cluster.
⑻ BX-5E series support super length and super height screen size
⑼ BX-5K supply open protocol ,special applicate in the  industrial field, equipment support, bus display, intelligent station card and cluster display system


2. Stable
⑴ resistant to harsh environments.3.5V-6V wide working voltage ; working temeprature is - 40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
⑵ Anti-static design of serial port makes communication more stable
⑶ It supports server mode and Internet transmission and is highly adaptable to complex network environments.Long time no power down stable communication
⑷ Strong reading ability
⑸ WIFI onboard antenna signal is strong, communication speed is fast

1. X series launched into market at 2018,best performance and good quality
⑴ Match with mperature sensor, temperature and humidity sensor,  brightness sensor on board
⑵ X series  are made of plastic shell and bracket package, flame retardant, environmental protection, anti-static, high temperature resistant
⑶ X series  antenna has strong wifi signal and fast communication speed


2. LedshowTW2018 is more powerful
⑴ Support domestic and international weather forecasts
⑵ The all-powerful editor can easily support arbitrary typesetting rules in Mongolian, Hebrew, Arabic,  easy to make vertical font


BX-5 series products have the advantages in  large LED cluster display system and customized development projects!
BX-5 series products with its excellent quality and excellent performance demonstrated the technology "passion   innovation perfect definition " product concept!

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