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3GPRS is one industrial communication terminal based on GSM/GPRS data,support RS232 ,supportconnect with user equipment and LED controller,transfer Chinese/English SMS and GPRS data transfer function.

International standard configuration;

Fast online speed(Fastest online speed is 15 seconds);

Multiple fault-tolerant design for hardware and software ;


+86 15921814956
+86 15850351852

Advantages and Parameters
⑴ International standard configuration, support global GSM network.(four band: 850MHz 900MHz 1800MHz 1900MHz);
(2) Support Fetion configurate parameters.(multiple configuration mode:Fetion/SMS/hyperterminal/special configuration software);
(3) Fast online speed (Fastest online speed is 15 seconds);
(4) Support universal APN of CMCC,WCDMA and special APN of mobile operators;
⑸ Support heartbeat signal,GPRS connection indication;
(6)Receiving sensitivity : ≤-107dBm
(7)Working temperature : -40°C~80°C
(8)woring voltage : 5V (4.8V-6V)
(9)Maximum power : 3.5W (Average ≤1.5W)
(10) Multiple fault-tolerant design for hardware and software , fundamentally solves the common symptoms from GPRS:
     A. GPRS module crash
     B.  No SMS reply or SMS hang-up
     C. Data communication hang-up(GPRS is online, but data sending is failure)
     D. GPRS is offline for long time(GPRS reply SMS but offline all the time)

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LedshowTW 2018 Android APP


LedshowTW 2018 Android APP,support BX-5A*&WIFI,BX-6W.X-W series.

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