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What caused the RS485 serial port communication failed?

时间:2018-11-09 阅读:306

For RS485 serial port controller, except the above mentioned,  following points are also the important :
1.  Please made correctly the connecting line between computer and controller;Pleas check the wiring diagram of " LedshowTW2012 "software on setting screen parameters.

2.  Please check carefully that the connecting line is intact and no dry joint、 no cutting-out、 no loosen and dropping on every point of the line;

3.  Shortage Power of controllers caused the RS485 communication stoppage ; RS485 communicating chips of BX controllers all adapt 5V, and on some models, it's more strict than RS232.

4.  Bad quality of RS232/485 converter caused RS485 serial port communication failed;

5.  Too many endpoints connected of RS485 will result in the communicating stoppage or unstable;
     Usually, we suggest users to connect endpoints at most in 20. If really need, you could use more cards as to extend the quantity of serial ports or use RS485 main line distributor to extend the RS485 channels.

6.  Being much familiar with the functions of passwords " 888 " and " 168 ", as to finish the screen parameters setting;
 Please check from 《The usage of LedshowTW2011 - the function of password " 888 " and " 168 " 》.

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