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The accuracy of BX Temp&humid sensor

时间:2018-11-09 阅读:297

When users use BX temperature or temperature&humidity sensor, they surely hope it’s very accurate. Sometimes, users find the test result is different with the one they bought from the market, and maybe there’s a big difference. So, the users feel confused, now, we have tested, below is the result:

Text tool Main part Accuracy Text value
BX I Tem&Humi sensor SHT11 Test range: 
Temp -20℃~60℃; Humi 0%RH~100%RH
Text accuracy:
Temp ±1.0℃(-5℃~45℃, Other ±1.5℃;
Humi ±3.5%(20%~80%),Other ±5%
Temp 27℃,Humi 71%
BX II Tem&Humi sensor S-RHT2 Test range: 
Temp -40℃~80℃; Humi 0%RH~100%RH
Text accuracy:
Temp ±0.5℃; Humi ±3%
not text

Tem sensor  

(Anymetre brand)       

The European 

Army stardard

Test range: 
Temp -30℃~60℃; Humi 0%RH~100%RH
Text accuracy:
Temp ±1.0℃(-10℃~32℃, Other ±1.5℃;
Humi ±5%(50%~90%),±7%(25%~49%)Other ±5%
Temp 28℃,Humi 68%

Tem sensor     


For civil use Test range: 
Temp 0℃~50℃; Humi 20%RH~90%RH
Text accuracy:
Temp ±1.0℃; 
Humi ±5%(40%~80%),Other ±8%
Temp 29℃,Humi 55%

From the above, normally, temperature deviation is (≤±1.5℃); humidity deviation is (≤±9%).

So, BX temperature&humidity sensor is more accurate than others. If users test many sensor, and the deviation is about 10%, it’s very normal. Now, please subject to BX temperature and humidity sensor.

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