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About ONBON’s qualification certificates

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Recently, as for some bid projects, many of them ask for our enterprise qualification certificate and control card certificate, etc. We have a clear state about this.

Onbon enterprise qualification certificate
“Shanghai high and new technology enterprise certificate”, “Shanghai software enterprise certificate”, “BX brand register certificate”, “Business license” (Usually do not need to offer).

BX control cards corresponding certificate

(1)Products detect report
BX 4th generation products is detected by “The Shanghai quality supervision and inspection institute of technology”in Dec,2011, and issued the detect report.
BX 5th generation products have better performance, and we will try our best to finish the detect report at the end of 2013.

(2)About “Environmental protection system certification” and “Quality system certificate”
As Onbon is a research enterprise, the production is by other factory. So, Onbon is not responsible for these two certificates. What’s more, about environmental protection, Onbon could promise that the BX control cards are adopted unleaded technology; About quality system certificate, we could offer you the ISO9001 quality system certificate by our production factory.

(3)About 3C safety certificate
3C certificate, on this field, is required by LED display screen 220V/380V power supply, and LED control card is 5V, so, do not need 3C safety certificate.

Enterprise honor and achievements
Check from our website: www.onbonbx.com  -- About ONBON .

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