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BX-6S3 environment sensor

BX-6S3 is widely used in all kinds of environment monitoring LED screen and LED cluster display .easy to install ,high integrated.

100M network+RS232+USB on board,flexible to use;

Multi group of RS485 on board support wind speed ,wind direction,noise ,air quality ,atmospheric pressure and brightness sensor connction;

Support sensor sampling,display and data upload.


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Speically used for  LED screen projects.
BX 6th generation products get a higher station on core technology compare with BX 5th generation products and the products on LED fields:


1.Improved functions and more complete series
⑴ Support tri-color; Support smart scan; Support all kinds of special modules and full color modules;
⑵ BX 6th YY series are integrated with voice chip, which support broadcasting of both Chinese & English;
⑶ Add 6S series Environment detecting controller;
 Add 6X series MODBUS controller;
⑷Strong software. Support Mongolian, Hebrew and Arabic. Support vertical compose on horizontal screen.
⑸ BX 6th generation controllers support configuration and modify IP in system;
⑹ All BX-6 series can support USB upload program.


2. Improved display effect
⑴ Monokaryon construction and dikaryon performance;BX-6A/6U/6M/6W will replace the 5E/6E products in the middle length screens
⑵ Synchronous preview on editing;
⑶ Adjust moving speed of program, more smooth;
⑷ It’s very stable and no flashing when users update data of screen at real time by BX-6K series;
⑸Super long, high and big control zone of BX-6E series:
width≤8192 pixels, height≤1024 pixels, maximum pixels is 4096K. The moving speed can be 3 times than BX-5E series;


3.More interfaces and excellent technology
⑴  Brightness/temperature/temperature&humidity sensor and IR controller socket on board.
⑵  RS232+RS485+USB port standard match on BX-6A series; There are Ethernet+RS232+USB port on BX-6E series;
⑶ Most of BX 6th generation products adopt plastic package. Advantages: fire resistance, environmental protection, anti-static, high temperature resistance;
 Advantages of BX 6th generation products
1. More convenient operations, more complete software functions;
2. More perfect products design, more detailed on quality;
3. More excellent technology, more outstanding performance;
4. More abundant products series, more perfect solutions;
BX 6th generation products play an importance role on big LED cluster system and customized projects!
BX 6th generation products continue the idea of ONBON “Passion, Innovation, Define a perfect display”!
Technical parameters
Product status  Launched into market in May 2018
Control size

Single color 128K:2048*64、1344*96、1024*128, W≤2048

Dual color 96K:2048*32、1536*64、768*128, W≤2048

Storage 2MByte


Software function
Softawre function group sending/multi-program edit/multi-area display/multi-lanuage version;
Program quantity Support 128 programs
Area quantity Each program maximum support 16 areas
Area type Weather/Image&text//subtitle/animation /lunar/ time/dial/timer/sensor areas
Border Program shine border /Area shine border
Clock Lunar /Dial/ Chinese and English clock/timer (all support multi-groups)


Display effect
Moving smoothness No cross lines when moving to the left, and will not shake when lower the moving speed.
the brightness will not be lower when move left in a long screen;
Program stability Support adjusting moving speed; high refresh rate,  stable running on screen;


Module compatibility
Module Support all kinds of single/dual  color modules
Column driver IC Support 74HC595,SM16188,common  constant current chip, double latch chip and other mainstream LED drive chip Not support all PWM chip
Row decoding IC Support 74HC138 row decoding/none decoding module,not support other row decoding IC,infuture will support
Scan mode Support smart scan,support any kinds of scan mode from static to 1/32
Module empty spot Support any empty spot
RGB signal Support RGB signaldefinition


Interface 4 nos of T8+8 nos of T12
Communication 100M Ethernet+USB+RS232; Serial port baud rate: 57600bit or 9600bit/s 
Sensor IR  / brightness/temperaure/temp&humidity sensor socket on board ; environment monitoring sensor RS485 interface


Important functions
Remote Support select program/lock screen/brightness adjustment/power on & off/screen test
Sensor Support temperature/temp&huidity/brightness sensor,extend to other RS485 interface sensor
Environmental monitoring Support wind speed,wind direction,air quality,noise ,atmosphere pressure, illumination and other environmental monitoring sensors
Brightness adjust 16 grade brightness, support manual /timing/auto adjust mode
Remote switch Support auto timing switch,software/remote switch
Weather report Support China & overseas weather report
Program group sending Support program self-adaption
Info update in real time Not support the dynamic area (will add this function in future)
Parameters fast match Support save and read-back the screen parameters
Any layout Support arbitrary typesetting rules in Mongolian, Hebrew, Arabic, etc, easy to make vertical font



System update and maintenance
Platform update iLEDCloud and iLEDSys update online
Firmware update Support firmware update online,cost efficient 


Secondary development
SDK  Support static area secondary development ,supply the c# 、java 、VB、C++  development tools


Electricity parameters
Working voltage  5V(3.5V~6V wide working voltage )
Max power ≤5W(average≤1.5W)
Working temperature  -40℃~80℃


Terminal management and auto control
Network communication Support LAN and internet
Program update Support USB ,support 100M network program sending
Display control Support timing display
Manage device PC,Android (IOS can’t support now)
Remote control Auto adjust brightness ,auto switch screen ,system parameters setup,program display control ,update program sending
Auto adjust brightness Support auto adjust the brightness according to different time or ambient brightness
Timing switch Setup by management system
Software LedshowTW(PC software)

Support cloud management:iLEDCloud、 iLEDSys(enterprise version/setup separately)

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