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iLEDCloud platform support program editing, auditing, release and other functions , the cloud platform can support millions of screen access with stable performance, no limit to time and place,supply security and stability service.

The original SAA  asyn&syn technology  support the mixed broadcast of synchronous signal source with pre-stored program information.

The platform adopts the distributed system architecture with stable performance.

The platform support most of the BX controllers , replaces the original control card software, easy and simple to use.


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Support  asyn&syn playing with SAA  asynchronous adaption patent technology, mixed display with synchronous signal source and pre-stored program information.
Support BX mainstream control card.
Support batch update from cloud.
Support mobile phones, computers, tablets and other devices.
Support for automatic release tasks, timing display the programs.
Visual programming, get what u see quickly and efficiently.
Support preview.
Support screen capture function in real time.
Support camera snapshot, monit display status, content and display environment.
Screen quantity and status are visually displayed on the cloud platform.
Support automatic play log function.
Enterprise users can set up sub-accounts according to requirements, set permissions.
Support program auditing function.
Support adjust screen parameters remotely.
Support adaptive group-send function,  support adaptive group-send for variety of screen size within certain ranage
Support IPCrema monitor, monitor LED screen play status, content and LED screen surrounding environment
Note: due to the fast update, all descriptions are subjected to the latest  software.


Technical parameters
Product status Launched into market in June 2017
Factory standard Based on J2EE factory standard
Updated version V1.4.5 (Support continuously update)


System parameters
System framework Adopt distributed system framework, public cloud platform
Data type Storage data by MySQL database
Running environment Based on ubuntu system


Support models
Controller models

Y series:Y04、Y08、Y2、Y2L、Y3

YQ series: YQ1-75、YQ1、YQ2、YQ3、YQ4、YQ2E、YQ5E、YQ2A、YQ2AE、YQ3A、YQ3AE

6Q series:6Q0、6Q1、6Q2、6Q2L、6Q3、6Q3L、6QL

6M series:6M0、6M1、6M2、6M3、6M、6MT

6M-YY series:6M0-YY、6M1-YY、6M2-YY、6M3-YY、6M-YY

6A&G series:6A0&G、6A1&G、6A2&G、6A3&G、6AT&G

6A-YY series:6A0-YY、6A1-YY、6A2-YY、6A3-YY、6A-YY

6E series:6E1、6E2、6E3、6E1X、6E2X

Browser Internet (IE、360、Maxthon、Firefox、Chrome, etc.)
Terminal operation Mobile, Computer, Tablet PC, etc.


Video format mov、webm、vob、ts、mpg、mpeg、mp4、mkv、m4v、hlv、flv、f4v、dat、avi、3gp、ps
Picture format AVI,WMV, MPG, MOV, VOB,MPEG2,MPEG4,H.264, FLV video format
Audio format MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, APE,ACC
Text format TXT, RTF


Important function
Playing by synchronous&asynchronous Support
Multiple operating terminals Support
Program preview Support
Authority setting Support
Program audit Support
External equipment Camera, media equipment, sensor, etc.
Adjust screen parameters Support
Shortcut screen Support
Group sending of self-adaption Support
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SDK for iledcloud platform


iLEDCloud Platform Quick Guide


About iLEDCloud


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