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BX-6E1X /6E1XP

Multi industrial quality control guarantee, dual core super performance.Apply to large LED display screen/smart traffic screen/dynamic info update screen ,adapt to busy and complex net works, and make communication more stable.

BX-6E1XP Isolate invalid network data, adapt to busy and complex networks, and make communication more stable.

Support Tri color screen ¦ Support smart scan ¦ Support Environmental monitor ¦Support monitor programs;

100M Ethernet+RS232+RS485+USB on board ;

Onboard multiple sensor interface,  relay switch, program selection interface;

U disk extension cable≤ 7.5m stable transmission;

Coated with UV three proofing glue, GB double 85 protection grade, dustproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti salt fog;

-40 ~ 80 C ambient temperature, 3.5V-5.5V wide voltage, 7*24 hour continuous power, less than 0.3% failure rate.


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2020  version of BX-6 series controller focus on creating "Multi scene" ▪ "Full function" LED display project controller.
Comply with T COEMA 102S-2018 general technical requirements for asynchronous  no grayscale LED display controller (card)
1.Improved functions
(1)Support tri-color; Support smart scan; Support all kinds of special modules and full color modules;

(2)BX 6th YY series are integrated with voice chip, which support broadcasting of both Chinese & English;

(3)6M series and 6K / 6M-YY series add on-board wireless WiFi to meet the control requirements of mobile app;

(4)Full series support Environment detecting ;

(5)Full series support cross screen and T-screen;Add 6S series Environment detecting controller;

(6) 6K series support multilingual font.Add 6X series MODBUS controller;

(7) 6E series support super long, super high load: length ≤ 8192 Pixels, height ≤ 1024 Pixels, maximum pixels 4096k.Strong software.

(8) 6K series and 6E series support multiple groups of dynamic area and real-time update;

(9) Full series support image moving speed arbitrary adjustment, The moving speed of 6E series under extreme load exceeds 240 pixels / s.

(10) 6X series support MODBUS industrial bus, greatly enhancing the ability of LED display in supporting industrial equipment and industrial field application

(11) BX 6th generation controllers support configuration and modify IP in system;

(12) All BX-6 series can support USB upload program.

(13) Support Mongolian, Hebrew and Arabic. Support vertical compose on horizontal screen.

 2.More interfaces and excellent technology
(1) Brightness/temperature/temperature&humidity sensor ,IR controller socket and RS485 environment sensor interface on board.(Except BX-6MT/6A)
(2) Relay switch on board .(Except BX-6MT/6A).
(3) 2 / 4-bit program selection interface on board (6E series 4-bit, other 2-bit);

(4) Full communication interface on board. Ethernet+RS232+ RS485+USB port match on BX-6E and BX-6M series; -YY series and some 6M series optional on board wireless WiFi,
(5)UV three proofing adhesive, GB double 85 protection grade, dust, moisture, static electricity, salt spray; (new technology fully used since January 2021)

(6) Most of BX 6th generation products adopt plastic package. Advantages: fire resistance, environmental protection, anti-static, high temperature resistance;


(1)-Ambient temperature is 40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃;

(2)3.5V-5.5V wide voltage;

(3)7*24 hours continuous power supply, ≤ 0.3% failure rate;

(4)IP group setting, MAC conflict detection;

(5)Stable transmit when USB extension cable≤15M;

(6)Monokaryon construction and dikaryon performance;

(7)Support SM16188 module.


4. Information security

(1) the 6M/6E/ 6A&4G series supports Monitor program;

(2) it supports iLedcloud / iLedsys cloud platform (three-level national certification), and has a strict program audit control system;


5. Secondary development

(1) Provide secondary development packages that support major operating systems such as WINDOWS/LINUX/ANDROID/IOS, including various dynamic libraries, communication protocols, test routines, etc.;

(2) Support Java / C / C + + / C # / Delphi and other mainstream programming languages, support users to carry out secondary development on various platforms.


6. BX-6 series controller meet various application scenarios

Bus, taxi, police car and other on-board LED display system.

High speed railway station, subway station, airport, bus station and other traffic guidance LED display system.

Speed limit sign, variable information board, gantry and other highway LED display system.

LED display system, such as road information board, warning signs for illegal vehicles, traffic intersection indicator lights, etc.

LED display system in hospital, government and other office halls.

LED display system of bank, post and mobile Sports lottery, welfare lottery, street shops and other business outlets LED display system.

LED display system in community media, parking lot, gas station and other public service places.

LED display system of dust online, meteorological information and other environmental monitoring.

LED display system of various production line management, command and dispatch center.Automatic ticketing machine, intelligent electric control cabinet, channel turn machine and other equipment supporting LED display system.


BX 6th generation products play an importance role on big LED cluster system and customized projects!
BX 6th generation products continue the idea of ONBON “Passion, Innovation, Define a perfect display”!

Technical parameters
Product status      Launched into market in Oct 2020
Control size

Single color 512K,Dual color 256K,Tri color 160K,W≤2048

Display mode Single color :2048*256
Storage 4MByte
Program quantity Support 256 programs.Customized for special requirement.
Area quantity Each program maximum support 32 areas.Customized for special requirement.
Area type Weather/Image&text//subtitle/animation /lunar/ time/dial/timer/sensor areas
Border Program shine border /Area shine border
Clock Lunar /Dial/ Chinese and English clock/timer (all support multi-groups)
Software function group sending/multi-program edit/multi-area display/multi-language version;


Display effect
Moving smoothness  No cross lines when moving to the left, and will not shake when lower the moving speed.
the brightness will not be lower when move left in a long screen;
Program stability Support adjusting moving speed; high refresh rate,  stable running on screen;
Best upload width
In the maximum width can ensure the best visual effect.


Module compatibility
Module Support all kinds of single/dual/tri color modules
Column driver IC Support 74HC595,SM16188,common  constant current chip, double latch chip and other mainstream LED drive chip Not support all PWM chip
Row decoding IC Support 74HC138 row decoding/none decoding module,not support other row decoding IC,infuture will support
Scan mode Support smart scan,support any kinds of scan mode from static to 1/32
Module empty spot Support any empty spot


Interface 1 nos of 50 pin
Communication 100 Ethernet+RS232+RS485+USB
Sensor IR  / brightness/temperaure/temp&humidity sensor socket on board
Program selection  Standard with 4 bits programs selection port.Support external signal to  switch 16 programs;  I/O more program switching requirements.
Remote switch On board Relay. remote ON-OFF screen


Important functions
Communication Support LAN and internet communication, IP online configuration and group setting, auto checking MAC inflict and IP inflict.Support RS232 and RS485 serial communication; support USB download font library; optional WiFi to meet the wireless local area network application; support 4G DTU wireless communication; 
Network enhancement BX-6E1XP isolates invalid network data, adapts to busy complex network (including more cameras), and has more stable communication.Support RS232 and RS485 serial communication; support USB download font library; optional WiFi to meet the wireless local area network application; support 4G DTU wireless communication; 
Program displaying

Play in order, Play by timing and emergency notice.Standard with 4 bits programs selection port.Support external signal to  switch 16 programs;  I/O more program switching requirements 

Timing switch Support auto timing switch,software switch
Brightness adjust 16 grade brightness, support manual /timing/auto adjust mode
Remote switch Support auto timing switch,software switch
Multi-page functions Dynamic area support display multi pages, users can distribute and control the numbers of pages
Normal sensor function Support temp/humidity sensor connection and display.support brightness sensor connection.
monitoring sensor 
Support wind speed, wind direction, air quality, noise, atmospheric pressure, light, and negative oxygen ions; Support radar speed measurement, water level, rainfall, etc
Weather report Support China & overseas weather report
Dynamic refresh info
Support 5 dynamic areas,the information update speed of serial communication can reach within 20ms when upload the single color with 128*32
Voice broadcast function Match with BX-YY to support Chinese and English voice broadcast. The display content can be broadcast simultaneously, or other content can be broadcast independently.
Parameter fast 
Supports saving and reading back configuration parameters
Any layout Support arbitrary typesetting rules in Mongolian, Hebrew, Arabic, etc, easy to make vertical font
Secondary development
Provide communication protocol and LedshowZK test software, and also provide a complete set of development tools for C#, JAVA, VB, and C++
Cloud application and information safety Support iLedCloud/iLEDSys platform and iLedCloud wechat mini program.
Functions: real name authentication,  different grade roles, edit/check/release program, self-adapt program, etc.
Remotely manage LED displayes and monitor the status of LED displays. Create program report, online monitor informations on screen, and guarantee safety of informations.


System update and maintenance
Platform update iLEDCloud and iLEDSys update online;
Support firmware update online,cost efficient
Firmware update Support firmware update online,cost efficient 


Electricity parameters
Working voltage  5V(3.5V~5.5V wide working voltage )
Max power ≤5W


Environmental adaption
Working temperature -40℃~80℃
Salt-spray resistant level

There is no problem for the distance 500M from sea 


Electromagnetism compatibility
Wireless harass Testing for power supply port, LAN and serial port, all reach the standard
Immunity of discharging static electricity

Testing for LAN, serial, USB, sensor, I/O ports. Level 4,  discharging 8KV. Reach the standard

Surge impact Testing for power supply port and LAN port. Level 4, discharging voltage is 4KV.


Quality assurance
Quality standard 7*24 hours power-on, fault rate ≤0.3%
Construct protection

Plastic bracket, inflaming retarding, insulation, antiseptic, environmental, anti-static, high temperature resistance

Apperance protection UV three-protection glue for all types, national standard 85 protection level, dust prevention, dampproof, anti-static, salt-spray proof


Terminal management and auto control
 Network communication Support LAN and internet
Manage device PC,Android and IOS
Remote control System parameters configuration, program playing controlling, update sending program, adjust brightness automatically, turn on/off screen by timing.

LedshowTW(PC software), Ledshow( mobile phone APP)
Cloud platform:iLEDCloud, iLEDCloud wechat mini program, iLEDSys(enterprise version/setup separately)

File Name Explain Download times Download
Firmware for BX-6EX


BX-6E series specification


Firmware for BX-6E


1.The more excellent load capacity for super lenth screen: maximum pixels in length 8192 , the maximum pixels in height is 1024 ;2. more excellent picture moving speed and smooth technology;3. support single /dual /tri color screen.4.Support mainstream of

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