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BX-Y series player

Time:2018-07-27 Reading:1306

On June 1st, the first batch of Y series single board player BX-Y04 were finished in Onbon Kunshan production base . The price of regular version was 300 yuan, and the one with WIFI function was 335 yuan. The launch of BX-Y04 means that ONBON's new generation of Y-series players has been fully launched into the market, and the existing pattern of multimedia players will be rewritten.


Y series products list


       BX-Y series products adopt the fourth generation platform , which has eye-catching performance both in display performance and expansion function.

       Y Series image moving smoothly,Rich display effects:. colorful 3D text&images;colorful subtitle;colorful background;colorful and granule border

       In terms of expanding functions,Y series has a lot of ldquo;black tecology”。

       BX-Y series match with RS485 socket ,support all kinds of environmental monitoring sensors and othe RS485 interface connection,

Secondly, Y series support network live broadcasting in asynchronous controller. It can play Internet programs on the big screen in a few steps, and help engineers win the bid for the project of urban community and mass cultural square in towns and villages.

Simple network live broadcasting function

     In addtion ,Y series support GPS,display the real time tracking on the bus screens

   Y series products have the advantages in large LED cluster display system and customized development projects!Y series products with its excellent quality and excellent performance demonstrated the technology "passion innovation perfect definition " product concept!

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