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BX-6S environmental monitoring controller

Time:2018-07-31 Reading:1085

In recent days,Onbon launched BX-6S environmental monitoring controller,including,BX-6S1,BX-6S2,BX-6S3.BX-6S series controllers are mainly for environmental monitoring sensors,very easy to use no need to do secondary development.

BX-6S is highly integrate,widely use in all kinds of LED environmental monitoring screen and LED cluster system display.

BX-6S series user guide

1、Connect controller

 This tutorial take BX-6S1 connecting wind speed sensor as an example. The steps for BX-6S2/6S3 connecting the other sensor is the same, and can support the display of various environmental sensors on the screen at the same time.

  2、LedshowTW 2017 software setting

  Set screen parameter

  Use Ledshow TW2017 V18.07.26.00 or above version.

Add sensor areas

Select , Choice PM2.5、PM10、wind speed、wind direction、noise sensor ect.

Send program

Click“Send ”button,then users can see the environmental detection values on the LED screen.

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