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OVP-H1 4 image splitter launched

Time:2018-06-21 Reading:977

OVP-H1 4 image splitter lauched into market,means onbon is speeding up the layout of led controller products in video processor field,strengthening itself core competence“Forging full series industrial LED controller”is ONBON's company's market position.


OVP-H1 is a 4K*2K image splitter developed by ONBON Shenzhen Video R& D Center, which supports 2 image /3 image/4 image display and arbitrary layout. OVP-H1 is widely used in large hotels and performing arts rental applications, which can easily complete the centralized control of stage main screen and side screens. At the same time, OVP-H1 supports three splicing modes :horizontal/vertical/crossing splicing, which is a new choice for UHD LED display project.


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