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China LED Engineering Union & Onbon Technology Co.,Inc held a meeting at Onbon Science & Technology Park in Kunshan

Time:2018-09-21 Reading:1386

On September 20th 2018, A joint event was held in Onbon Science & Technology Park in Kunshan, organized by China LED Engineering Union and sponsored by Shanghai ONBON Technology Co.,Inc . Cai Guangchao, Deputy Secretary-General of China Light Association LED Display Application Branch, Cao Lixin, Secretary-General of China LED Engineering Union, Guo Hongtao, Vice-President, and more than 150 LED engineers and more than 10 overseas engineers from all over the country attended the event.

As we all know,Engineers are the ultimate implementers and servers of the LED display project, They are the backbone of the industr,Onbon takes“"Forging a full range of industrial-grade LED controllers"”as its enterprise orientation,Pay full attention to providing a full range of industrial-grade quality controllers for the market, and continues to use innovation to lead the development trend of the field of LED controllers.,Creating“Onbon is the first choose of Cluster display, 、Customnized progjects &rdquo

 In order to know the needs of engineers more comprehensively and thoroughly, so as to realize the purpose of empowering engineers and broadening their business scope,Onbon organized this event in conjunction with China LED Engineering Union.

 First of all, Mr. Cao Lixin, The secretary of China LED Industry Association, gave a speech for this event. He expressed high recognition of the achievements made by Onbon technology in recent years. At the same time, he said that the Engineering Business Alliance will continue to pay attention to the development of ONBON Technology Co.,Inc and build a bridge between manufacturers and engineers in the future.

Next, Mr Gao Qingwei, The chairman of Shanghai ONBON Technology Co.,Inc gave a speech about typical application of Onbon products,then mentioned Onbon is dedicated to creating high-quality and price-sensitive industrial explosives for the basic market. At the same time, Onbon integrated and programmed products to help engineers to solve complex and high-end projects such as smart city, smart transportation, cluster display and so on

Ren Ping, chief engineer of Onbon, introduced the design concept and outstanding innovations of the company's second generation OVP video processor products. The second generation video processor products have corresponding solutions from 2.6 million to 10.4 million pixels, and support USB playback + WiFi control, which not only has higher cost performance and integration, but also can bring better experience to users.

After the speeches, China's LED Engineering Alliance and ONBON Technology Co.,Inc conducted deeper cooperation.Guo Hongtao, The Vice President of China's LED Engineering Business Alliance, and Li Ziming, Director of Onbon(Kunshan) Science and Technology Park, unveiled the East China Training Base of China's LED Alliance, and Onbon Science and Technology Park will provide venues, products and training for the alliance in the future.

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