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Onbon speed up the strategic layout of Suzhou R & D base

Time:2017-02-06 Reading:314

Construct and build the Onbon Suzhou software R&D base, fully utilize and explore the strong regional economic advantages of Suzhou and the advantages of good scientific research talents, and provide a continuous supply of R&D talents for the future development of the company

In 2016,ONBON established the Suzhou Onbon Software Technology Co.,Ltd and Suzhou iLEDCloud Network Technology Co., Ltd,total investment is 62 million.

Suzhou R&D center is in the Wuzhong district of Suzhou,close to shanghai hongqiao airport (70KM),which is very beautiful and supplies good environment for engineers,this will improve the development of ONBON R&D center.

Now the Suzhou R&D center size is 700㎡,there are more than 30 engineers


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