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OVP series of video processor launch into market

Time:2017-03-06 Reading:243

Onbon Video Processor R&D team was established in early December 2015. After 15 months' research and development, it finally ushered in another exciting historical moment:


Onbon OVP video processor(OVP-M1S2、OVP-M1S4 and OVP-L1)will lauch in to market since March 15th 2017!


OVP-M1S2:1.5U case,OVP-M1+1 Pcs of VS card ,maximum control size is 1,300,000 pixels @60Hz; pixels in width≤2048,pixels in height≤1024;OVP-M1S4:1.5U case,OVP-M1+2Pcs of VS card ,maximum control size is 2,600,000 pixels @60Hz,pixels in width≤3840,pixels in height≤1920;OVP-L1:Highly cluster for OVP-M1 and VS card ,same as sending card for front video processor  ,maximum control size is 1,300,000 pixels @60Hz.


OVP Video Processor Series products highly integrated the software and hardware of traditional video processor and BX high-performance sending card, and directly provide Gigabit output signal to the receiving card . It not only eliminates the DVI cable between the traditional video processor and the LED sending card, but also greatly reduces the hardware cost and improves the reliability of the device. At the same time, the configuration software of video processor and sending card is highly integrated, and the device configuration can be completed conveniently at one time.


The mass offline of OVP video processor series products mean that ONBON Technology has entered the video processor market .This will greatly accelerate the integration and innovation of video processors and LED controllers, and inject new vitality into the application and development of image technology with increasingly rich small pitch LED displays!


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